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~ Adrian Blanco:  From 25% Body Fat to 7% in only 12 Weeks!!
"I've been training and dieting on and off for years with some success and have had a basic understanding of macro nutrient needs, but not enough to really get the results I wanted. When people say that diet is key, it's completely true. In order to win my "Race to Abs" contest with my buddies, I decided that I needed to do everything in my power to scientifically get an edge over them. I knew I could train harder than them, but the diet was truly the key. Matt Cooper at Max Muscle Marin designed my meal plans for the three month competition. Every couple of weeks, Matt worked with me to fine tune my nutrient needs based on how I was responding. It really is amazing how you can change your body composition with the right diet and training. Having the right meal plan certainly gave me the edge I needed to change my body in a short period of time and win my contest. I continue to work with Matt for my current "reverse-dieting" body building goals and continue to see results. So far, I've managed to keep the body fat down while adding lean muscle."


~ JD Griffin - 48 years old and in the BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE!
"Max Muscle's high quality supplements and professional nutrition advise helped me to achieve my goals. They're always in my corner continuing to help maintain my fitness for life."